Learning to Dance is Easy!

finding us was the only hard part . . .

Three ingredients to confidently dancing anywhere and with anyone:

The only difficulty in dancing is finding the right instruction! We are the only studio in the greater Savannah Area that requires all of it's instructors to safely teach ballroom dancing by way of certifications with the most rigorous examiners in the world, the US Imperial Society of Dance. There are many ways to try to learn to dance, but quality teaching allows the relaxed and fun environment you will notice once you step into our ballroom for the first time. Just imagine your feeling knowing that your instructor can easily get you to wherever you want to go! The sky is the limit whether you are looking forward to becoming a better social or even competitive dancer. Plan to be involved in the studio in three ways:

Private Lessons: Learn to Lead and Follow

No one is born knowing how to lead or follow. Your private lessons are where you will learn how to lead and follow. You do not need to have a partner to start because everyone, including the couples, will be assigned an individual dance teacher. This allows both partners to learn the same steps at their own pace. Private lessons emphasize the right information at the right time for that individual. Because we are responsible for your progress, private lessons relieve you of the worry of having to perform. 

Group Lessons: Learn Steps and Style

Group lessons teach you steps and style that everyone needs to know. They will help you to increase the variety in your dancing. They are a great way to support the private instruction and to greatly increase the value of your lessons. Group lessons challenge you to do your steps on your own or with a new partner, which increases your confidence in doing them ten fold! 

Practice Party Dances: Gain Confidence

Dancing is very much like a language and practice dances are where you will learn to dance fluently. In a controlled and friendly party setting, you will gain greater confidence to use your dancing by identifying the right dance to each song played. Our Social Practice Parties are so much fun, you will not realize how much you are learning!


Absolute Beginners Course:

This FUN and EASY 3 lesson program is tailored to suit those looking to get their feet wet on the ballroom floor! Need the absolute basics? Not sure if you CAN learn? Wondering HOW people with rhythm move so naturally? This is for you...

Short on time?? Call and we will schedule to your convenience! We service students with all types of schedules.
**This is an ABSOLUTE beginners course only!! Only the left footed need this course...