Learning to Dance is Easy!

finding us was the only hard part . . .

Q: Where are you located? When are your lessons?

A: South Side Savannah near the Oglethorpe Mall at the corner of White Bluff and Montgomery Cross roads. Click HERE for a map and our open hours. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience 1 PM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday and Saturdays by appointment. Click HERE to see our regularly scheduled classes on our calendar page.

Q: What SHOES should I wear?

A: If this is your first lesson, smooth leather bottom soled shoes with a bit of slide in them are best. Heels or flats for the ladies are acceptable, but they must have some kind of strap or means of staying on the foot when walking backwards! We do NOT recommend buying dance shoes before your first lesson. We DO highly recommend that you wait until your instructor can help you navigate the myriad of styles and fits available for ballroom, latin and swing dancing shoes. Mens' loafers or dress shoes are best! Mules, sneakers, or any non-skid soles are not recommended.

Q: What CLOTHES should I wear?

A: Ballroom dancing is a classy sport, so some people like to dress the part, although there is no dress code. Dress like you are going out for a casual night on the town. Dress lightly as you may perspire! 

Q: How long will it take me to learn to dance?

A: It depends on your goals. Perhaps you would like the confidence to dance at a wedding, cruise, with special person. Learning to dance is easy; you will learn enough to get you on the floor immediately after your first lesson! If you just want to get your feet wet, try our Absolute Beginners Course. We have taught thousands of people to learn to dance and no two had exactly the same goals. Many people just want to feel comfortable in the crowd, you can do that in very little time. Some have a more specific vision in mind of how they would like to dance. Either way, we are in the business of building confidence. We take a great responsibility for your confidence and learning as well as great pride in getting you to where you want to be as quickly as possible!!

Q: Do I need a partner?

A: No. There are male and female teachers available to teach you the non-verbal language of dance so that you can dance with anyone. It's actually more time effective and easier to learn with a professional dancer than with an amateur partner because you are liberated from their learning curve! Couples are paired with two-teacher teams to ensure the couples' success. They will periodically intervene  by dancing with each one separately to ensure the couples success. 

Q: How will I learn to dance?

A: Our dancers' curriculum is made of three kinds of lessons: private lessons, group lessons, and practice sessions. Private lessons are how you learn to lead or follow. You'll be one-on-one with your teacher in a ballroom with other teachers and their students. Together, you will explore the fundamentals you will need in order to find ease and confidence in dancing. Next, our group lessons are a great introduction to new steps and common techniques. Group lessons build your confidence by challenging you to do your steps on your own and by dancing with a variety of partners. Finally, the practice sessions are designed to help reluctant dancers quell their fears of dancing with others in a crowd. Practice sessions  are your chance to dress up and try your new moves in a party setting!

Q: Why should I take lessons here at the Savannah Ballroom?

A: We feel strongly that we offer a different way of learning. We take pride and comfort in knowing that we offer the highest quality information by way of requiring that all of our instructors be certified to safely teach dancing through the US Imperial Society of Dancing. The USISTD insures that we stay polished in our own understanding of dancing and teaching so that we can provide a truly stress free learning experience for our students. 

Q: This is my first lesson, what if I am nervous and learn poorly?

A: You must have a good reason to want to learn to dance if you read this far, though, unfortunately procrastination will prevent would be dancers from taking the first step and getting help. Don't become a wall flower! Sometimes our students have worried they would feel uncomfortable one-on-one, or pressured to succeed, or fearful because of prior experiences or just plain silly!  Whatever the reason is, call us and we can make a plan to weather those fears. There is no better time to succeed than right now! (912) 335-3335